The coolest shades in town

Time to upgrade from those tired, old sunglasses you’ve been wearing for an eternity? Styles DO change, you know. Maybe you lost yours or they were cheap knockoffs and broke, and you’ve been squinting for weeks to filter out some of that brutal South Florida sun.

Whatever your story, get into Shades of Time—the leading sunglasses retailer in Palm Beach County.

The sunglass guy

In 1994, Alan Ross—aka The Sunglass Guy—decided whether you have a pin head, a face the size of a manatee or something in between, everybody deserves a great-looking, pair of name-brand sunglasses, and that he was going to be the guy to supply you with them. He has over two decades of technical expertise about the quality and functionality of the various lens types and materials, frame designs, fit and more, and is incredibly honest—sometimes painfully so.

He’ll not only put you in the perfect pair of sunglasses, ideally suited for your look and performance needs, but he’ll just as soon tell you to leave without a purchase if you insist on buying something that looks like crap on you.

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