Our Story

For 20 years, Shades of Time has been doing business on Ocean Avenue in Lantana, the bold new city of the south. People have come to know us for our personalized one-on-one attention, professional expertise and candid opinions about what looks great and functions best. All this adds up to an experience that feels nothing like shopping at one of the big chains.

Shades of Time isn’t just the vision of owner/operator Alan Ross, The Sunglass Guy. It’s the bricks-and-mortar manifestation of Alan’s philosophy of how to run a retail sunglasses shop. The prices are Alan’s, always at the lowest possible. The brands and styles are Alan’s choices, always what’s currently hip and cutting-edge functional. How you look in a pair of his shades is one of The Sunglass Guy’s top priorities, a professional opinion developed over the years from studying facial shapes, skin tones, hair color and even the flare you project, from Kanye West to the Marlboro Man, Rhianna to Angelina.

At Shades of Time, you won’t have to ask for owner Alan Ross, The Sunglass Guy. Just stop in and he’ll find YOU.

The Sunglass Guy

In 1994, Alan Ross—aka The Sunglass Guy—decided whether you have a pin head, a face the size of a manatee or something in between, everybody deserves a great-looking, superior-performing pair of name-brand sunglasses, and that he was going to be the guy to supply you with them. The Sunglass Guy is truly knowledgeable about his products, with impeccable taste and a distinct flare for what’s fashionable. He has over two decades of technical expertise about the quality and functionality of the various lens types and materials, frame designs, fit and more, and is incredibly honest—sometimes painfully so.

He’ll not only put you in the perfect pair of sunglasses, ideally suited for your look and performance needs, but he’ll just as soon tell you to leave without a purchase if you insist on buying something that looks like crap on you. “I own the place,” he says. “I can do what I bloody well please. If I don’t like a pair of sunglasses on you or you insist on spending time on the water wearing a model without full UV protection, you’re not buying them from me.”

Who better to help you with an eyewear purchase? The Sunglass Guy who cares more about matching you with the perfect fit, look and performance than he does ultimately making the sale, or a cookie-cutter mall employee working on commission? You decide.

Like The Sunglass Guy says: “Where you buy your fishing, fashion, polarized and sport sunglasses is as important as the sunglasses you buy. So buy them from me!”